On Stillness

When I have the opportunity to be alone and do something on my own, I embrace the chance. But usually, even though I’m on my own, I’m doing something, I’m still busy. I might be going to a shop, running an errand, or going for a walk, and even though I might find myself in solitude, there’s often still an element of movement in whatever I’m doing.



The other day we played at a high school friend’s wedding in Cochrane. It was a beautiful day and the venue was situated on the edge of  a coulee with a web of walking trails. With a few hours of freedom, I went for a walk all the way along the high ridge, down through a park, across a stream, and back to the venue through the woods. I took a moment to sit on some rocks at one point, and I realized that even though I was having a moment of solitude, I was still moving, and wasn’t allowing myself to be still.


So I sat on these rocks and told myself to not go anywhere, just sit for a while and let my mind and body be still. It was actually more difficult than I thought it would be, but after I sat there for a time and observed what was around me, I noticed more detailed characteristics of my surroundings than I would have if I had been on the move.


It was a good practice, and one that I want to be more intentional about in my life. Sometimes we need to be still. To just sit in silence and absorb what’s around us. See the little details that we might not catch at first glance, and give our mind the opportunity to rest and reflect. I think that when we allow ourselves time to rest, we are much more capable of conquering the big and little challenges that we face in every day life.



Live fully, love deeply, and never stop exploring.


In The Shop: Bows for Him and Her

The bow is a classic accessory, not just for pretty ladies, but also for handsome men. It has been adapted to take many forms, colours, and fabrics, and, thankfully, it has never gone out of style. I took a fresh take on this timeless classic with handknit hairclips and bowties and since I started making them and selling them at shows, they’ve definitely become one of my most popular creations!


I have these listed in the shop with a selection of colours to choose from, but they can be made to order in any colour you’d like. And if you have a wedding or special event coming up, why not order them for your bridal party or as a party favour?

Here’s Zoltan sporting the Handsome Man Bowtie and looking rather sharp, if I do say so myself!



And here’s a quick styling of the Pretty Lady Hairclip taken before our show in Edmonton the other night.


Head over to the Cabin Knits Shop to order one, or a few!


And So It Begins!

Today we’re heading out on tour for a month! I am so excited to be hitting the road again, especially since we’ll be spending some time in the Vancouver area, where I have a ton of friends and extended family that I’ll hopefully get to visit!

If you live in Alberta or British Columbia, we will likely be playing a show near you! And if you live somewhere between Alberta and Quebec, don’t worry, we’ll be heading your way later this summer! Here are all the upcoming dates, and we’ll be adding more in the next few weeks. You can find all the details for the shows on our Facebook page.

May 21st – Edmonton, AB – Brixx Bar
May 22nd – Sylvan Lake, AB – Wave’s Coffee House
May 23rd – Calgary, AB – Broken City
May 24th – Cochrane, AB – Private Event
May 25th – Revelestoke, BC – The Last Drop
May 26th – Vernon, BC – Gallery Vertigo
May 27th – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s
May 29th – Kamloops, BC – Dirty Jersey
May 30th – Vancouver, BC – Cafe Deux Soleils
June 3rd – Pender Island, BC – Hope Bay Camp
June 4th – Abbotsford, BC – House of James
June 6th – Chilliwack, BC – Acoustic Emporium
June 7th – Kelowna, BC – Streaming Cafe
June 14th – Burnaby, BC – CBC Music Festival
June 30th – Edmonton, AB – The Works Festival
July 3rd – Calgary, AB – CBC Stampede Breakfast
July 5th – Pirdis, AB – Private Event
July 20th – Brooks, AB – CBC Beetle Tour
July 23rd – Thunder Bay, ON – Summer in the Parks
July 27th – Wakefield, QC – Black Sheep
August 1st – Barrie, ON – The Clarkson
August 6th – Manitoulin Island, ON – Maja’s
August 12th – Brandon, MB – Music in the Park
August 17th – Kelwood, MB – Harvest Sun Festival

Hope to see you at an upcoming show!


Dried Flower Wall

A week ago, our band found out that we won the 2014 CBC Searchlight contest! It was a two month long contest to find the best new emerging artist in Canada based on public voting, and, for the last two rounds, three celebrity judges. The prizes include $20,000 of gear from Yamaha, a spot at the CBC Music Fest in Vancouver next month, and a live video recording with CBC. It was a pretty momentous occasion for us, and so overwhelming to share the moment with all of our friends, family, and fans around the world. My parents decided to drive two hours from Calgary to Brooks to surprise us at our practice space with a giant congratulatory cake! They also brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, which is what I wanted to talk about today and show you the process behind a wall display I made with them.


The bouquet was full of a variety of flowers of different colours. I didn’t want to just throw them out when they started to wilt, so I decided to dry them and make a display of them in the cabin while I was at it.

photo (2)

I’ve done lots of decorating in the year we’ve been in the cabin (I’ll give you a little tour sometime) but one area I haven’t tackled is above the bed. I’ve had a few ideas of what I wanted to do, but nothing was really coming together and I didn’t want to rush it until I knew I’d be really happy with it. As soon as I decided to dry these flowers, I knew that this would be the start of the transformation.


So I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into the process of what I did and how it turned out! The flowers are still drying, so hopefully they keep their colour and shape, but so far so good!

Flowers, can be bought or clipped from your garden
Cotton string
Measuring tape
Pins (not pictured)


Step 1:

Once you have your materials gathered, measure the space where you want to hang your flowers. Make a loop on one end of the twine and pin it to the wall, and do the same on the other side. Using the measuring tape and a pencil, mark where you want your flowers to go with even spacing between each one. For example, my space was 68″ wide, and I had nine flowers to hang, so I hung them just over 7″ apart.


Step 2:

Cut all your flowers to the length you want them, and remove any excess leaves. Cut the cotton string into pieces about 6″ long for each flower. Tie the string around each flower, preferably under a nub so the string doesn’t slip off. Then tie the flowers to the twine and trim the excess string.







And that’s pretty much all there is to it! I was so surprised how much this simple project added to the room. It’s a great start to a statement wall, but it works just as well on it’s own. If you have flowers or greenery left over, you can always add them to a vase for a table top decoration. I love having plants around the house, it adds such a lively element to a any space.



I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! If you are inspired to do something similar, let me know! I’d love to see what you come up with.


In the Shop: Tiny Knit Bow Necklaces

Today I added a new item to the shop and I’m really excited about it! This is my first time venturing into the world of jewelry, and I don’t think it’ll be my last. Lately I’ve been very inspired by handmade jewelry, and I love how there’s no limit to what you can do, and really no limit to what materials you can use.


Even though you can knit for every season, knitting is most often associated with winter. Cozy blankets, sweaters, socks and the like all make the cold winter months more bearable. I’ve been challenging myself to think of ways to incorporate knitting into projects that can be worn year round, and one of the first things I thought of was jewelry.


These tiny bow necklaces feature a very simple antiqued brass chain and a tiny knit bow that adds a splash of colour and a healthy dose of cute to your spring, summer, or really any outfit. It’s simple, but it makes a great statement.


These necklaces are made to order, so you can choose the colour of bow you’d like, and the length of chain. I personally like longer necklaces, but sometimes you need something shorter depending on how you like to wear it. Head over to my Etsy shop to order one for yourself or for a friend!


Meet Max

Most first blog posts are probably a nice introduction to what the blog is about, who the author is, all nice stuff like that. But I thought I’d switch things up and introduce you to my cat, Maxine (Max for short). She’ll be showing up in posts and photos, so you might as well get acquainted!



We met Max on January 6, 2013. We were helping someone move into a trailer so Zoltan went the day before to shovel the snow at the new place. Max showed up early in the day, and it seemed like she was familiar with the place. Zoltan brought her inside, and we posted her photo online to see if anyone had lost her. No one wrote us back, so our only thought was that the people who moved out must have left her behind. We took her home, unsure of how long we’d keep her for, but we got very attached very quickly.


We took her to the Brooks Animal Protection Society so she could get checked by the vet and so we could go through the official adoption process. We never planned on having a pet, especially since we travel so much, but she just showed up in our life, and it’s such a joy having her around!


When we got her, we estimated that she was about a year old, so still quite young! She’s been growing so much and she has a very feisty personality. She’s loves string more than treats, and generally has a burst of energy around midnight where she’ll run around the cabin like a wildcat and pounce on our feet when we’re in bed.


Since it’s started warming up, we’ve introduced her to the outside world, and we’ve learned that she is an adventurer at heart! She loves roaming the backyard, and has even ventured across the alley and  into the neighbours’ yards. When she’s really feeling the call of the wild (or if she’s being chased by another neighbourhood cat) she’ll run up trees, and she’s even climbed on the roof of the cabin a few times. Luckily, she’s pretty good at getting back down.


We love our Max and we’re so thankful she’s in our lives!

I hope you enjoyed meeting our kitty friend! And thanks for stopping by the blog!