Rest For the Weary

If you’ve been following our band life journey, you probably heard that we’ve had a lot of changes happening in recent weeks. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotion, but there’s good in all of it, and I’m really excited for what’s next for Zoltan and I and the band. I’ll be writing more about the specifics later, but last week we got to spend some time in Calgary with my parents and they took us out to the mountains for a day of exploring and enjoying. It was so refreshing to relish the last few days of summer, get some fresh air, and be in the company of some of the wisest people in my life. The highlight of the day was going canoeing down the Bow River thanks the Banff Canoe Club. If you’re ever out that way, I highly recommend taking one of their boats out on the water. It’s refreshing in every way!

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

photo 3

I hope that whatever season of life you find yourself in, you can take joy in your surroundings and have hope for what’s ahead. Happy weekend!


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