Summer at the Cabin

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We just finished two weeks of time off, and now that I think about it, it really only felt like a few days. Zoltan and I got right down to business on some home projects that we’ve been wanting to do for a while to help make the cabin a lot more organized. It’s been a year since we moved into the cabin, and between moving last year, travelling lots, and having mice problems in the winter, it’s been in a constant state of flux and we haven’t been able to make use of the space the way we wanted to.


First on the list was to build a bed; an idea that was inspired by our friends Kraig and Lauren in Seattle. We lifted the bed about four feet to give us some additional storage space and built a tall headboard that acts as a shelf, and a footboard that we put our TV, speakers and record player on. About halfway through the project we were really concerned that it was going to make the room feel tiny, but it did the opposite. It filled the space perfectly and makes the room feel so complete!






We had also planned on organizing the shed at some point, but after building a bed I definitely didn’t anticipate making that happen on this short period of time off. But when my mother-in-law needed access to her camping gear which was at the back of our shed, everything came out, and the organizing began! I was able to empty about five rubber maids and four boxes of stuff and reorganize and declutter while Zoltan built three sets of shelves. The end result is a shed with more room, and easy access to everything.



With both of these huge projects finished, and after a much deserved dinner out, we were able to enjoy our redesigned space for a little while before leaving again. And I must say, for the first time since we moved to Brooks I can sit in our home without a long list of projects running through my head. Not that I didn’t enjoy the space before, but it always felt a little bit makeshift and temporary.


Since moving into a tiny space, I’ve been very inspired by how others use and live in tiny spaces. It’s amazing how much you can do with very little (a philosophy that can be applied to many areas of life). And since finishing these projects, I’m even more amazed at how a room can change with a few adaptations. If you’re discontented with the space you live in or work in, maybe there are some simple things you can do to make the space work for you.


I hope this inspires you to work with what you have, and develop your space to suit your needs and reflect you and your lifestyle. And if anyone would like to see some more detailed photos of the process of building the bed, I can post them at a later date.



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