Beautiful Places: Pender Island

We had the opportunity to spend the past few days on Pender Island, a beautiful secluded spot in the heart of the Gulf Islands. It actually ended up being three busy days as we packed the daylight hours full of island activities. We stayed at Hope Bay Bible Camp with a wonderful group of people who we met on our venture out here last November, and it was great to get to know everyone a little better. It was a much needed time of rest, reflection, adventure, and building community, and although it was difficult to leave, I left with a full heart.

We arrived on Saturday night and Zoltan and I spent the evening hanging out with Dustin and Christy, the directors of the camp. They are an inspirational couple, and I think I can say, kindred spirits.

Sunday morning started early with church in the dining hall, and then our very generous friends Bob and Sue took us for lunch at the Port Browning Marina Cafe. We spent the afternoon exploring their timber frame house and amazing property.



When we got back to the camp, Darian, one of the staff, took us around the disc golf course. I think it was our collective first time playing disc golf and we had a blast!




That evening, I took myself on a walk and came across Welcome Bay. I walked along the beach (which had some great pieces of driftwood, shells, and beach glass) and just sat by the sea and took in all the details around me. The sun was going down, and the pastel sky cast a lovely glow over the whole beach.





Monday we headed out bright and early again, but this time, Dustin and Christy (and their adorable son Jude) took us out on their boat! We boated across to Salt Spring Island and hit up Salt Spring Coffee and a few really cool shops, and then hung out in the park for a little while. On our way back, we found a tiny island that someone told us was called Chocolate Island, with a beautiful beach and forest. We boated to shore, had a picnic, and did a spontaneous video of The West Coast that will be up in the next few weeks. It was a wonderful afternoon outing, and I got my first sunburn of the season! We headed back as the sun was starting to get low, and the water was as smooth as glass. It was perfect.






The next day we woke up at 5am to do an early morning photo shoot with Dustin and we used Kyle and Katie (who live at the camp)’s shiny red chevy from the 50s. The morning light was completely surreal, and from the camera previews I saw of the photos, they’re going to turn out great!

That evening, our final night on the island, we had a show at the camp. We played on the porch of the chapel building, and people came and brought blankets and picnics, and we had games for the kids and had a wonderful time. It felt like a summer festival, and being able to stare out at the trees and sky while we were playing was pretty magical.


And now we’re back to regular life on the mainland; well, as regular as life on tour can be! Check out our Facebook page for all our upcoming shows.

Until next time,

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